Diving Back Into Dating? What to Wear on Any Date


If you're jumping back into the dating scene after some time off, you're probably wondering what on earth to expect.

Times have changed, but one thing will always be true: A great outfit will boost your confidence and send you into any situation feeling and looking your best. 

Why We Love Shapewear (and You Should, Too!)


Take five years off your look just by smoothing things out. When you've picked out the perfect outfit to make a great impression, the right shapewear can give it that extra oomph.

Professionally Unwind for the Weekend: Stylish Dress Down


Once the work week is over women want to kick off their heels and slip into something more comfortable. Comfort does not mean that style has to be sacrificed!  

Have your own casual style that sets you apart while still allowing you to be comfortable. Discover how to professionally unwind with these dress down tips.

Casual Chic: Boyfriend Jeans


Just as we leave the stresses of our work week come Friday night (or try our best to), what we wear on the weekend shouldn’t be a stressor on our so called “days off”.