There’s no way around it: Winter is definitely here, and the cold weather isn’t going anywhere for the next few months. This means you’ll have to give yourself an extra five minutes to get ready each day. After all, it takes time to button up and add all those comfy layers. To stay organized and keep your outerwear looking great, try my top tips for looking polished from head to toe:

Find the Right Gloves

Make sure your gloves match your coat and your overall look. Like any leather accessory, it makes sense to match your gloves to your shoes or boots. To do this easily, I recommend having both a black and a brown pair of gloves on hand. These neutral shades look great with anything.

Have you ever been late because you couldn’t find a missing glove at the last minute? Save time with this mindful storage trick: When removing your gloves, place one inside the other before stashing them in your closet. They’ll never be separated again — and you’ll never be late! (Well, at least not because of your gloves.)

Brush Up Your Look

I love my furry friends as much as anyone (who doesn’t?), but that doesn’t mean that I want to take Fido and Fluffy with me everywhere I go. Make sure you leave all of your faithful cat or pup at home — including their pesky pet hair. Why mar your otherwise pulled-together look with lint, hair or fuzz? It’s all about first impressions, and a coat covered in dog hair is not the look you’re going for.

To keep everything neat, I recommend keeping a lint roller in your closet so you can give one last pass over your outfit before stepping out. It’s also a great idea to keep a mini lint roller in the glove box of your car: You never know when your overcoat will need one last once-over.

I know I’ve been wagging my finger at the pet owners, but even cloth restaurant napkins can leave behind annoying white fuzz. Some restaurants are switching to black, synthetic napkins for this very reason, but white cotton is still the standard, and they can make a mess of your clothes. Trust me — you’ll be glad you tossed that mini lint roller in the car, even if you don’t have a dear doggie at home.

Cozy Up to a Cobbler

Cobblers aren’t just fairy tale characters. They’re real, talented people who still make a living cleaning and repairing shoes. Your gorgeous winter boots take a seasonal beating, especially in the car, where salt, grit and grime build up on floor mats and can stain or scratch your boots. (And that’s just your car — city sidewalks are no walk in the park, either!) Keep your boots in tip-top shape by treating them to regular cleaning and repair — they’ll last must longer! Bill at Nordstrom’s in Cherry Creek is my personal recommendation — he’s a genius!

From fingers to toes, your winning winter style depends on the details to keep you organized and looking fabulous!