Your resume has been sent. You’ve hired a pro to look it over. You’ve taken classes and spent hours to qualify for this position – and you know you deserve it. You get the response that management wants to interview you ! You walk into your closet… and you feel anxious and uninspired.

Should you dress as you always have for interviews? You consider what this promotion will do for your life as you wonder what would the person with that title wear. How is it possible you can be staring at a closet full of things you’ve picked out yourself, but still not find anything appropriate?

Covid-19 changed the way we do business. Most of us put aside our business jackets and dress shoes in favor of more casual, comfortable clothes – and never went back. Which is why it may be time to consider a professional who is invested in your image just as much as you are.

No matter where you go, your style and your choice of clothing speaks for you. Before you’ve even said a word, people will make judgements on your level of education, your age, and your character based on your clothing. First impressions have never been more crucial. We are a visual society.

The confidence to walk into any room knowing the clothing you’ve selected is appropriate for the situation. You can’t put a price tag on feeling confident and ready for whatever comes your way. Personal style is not a luxury, it’s an investment in your yourself, allowing you to move forward into the life you want and future you dream of.