When do you start looking forward to the weekend?

What a pleasure to have a reprieve from our busy work lives.

Often women are eager to relax, unwind, and rejuvenate on beloved time out of the office.

Just as we leave the stresses of our work week come Friday night (or try our best to), what we wear on the weekend shouldn’t be a stressor on our so called “days off”.

Do you find yourself wondering how to dress come Saturday?

One version of weekend wear is what we consider ‘casual chic’.

Leave the sweatpants and tennis shoes for the gym, along with yoga pants and athletic wear.

Let’s take a look at this particular outfit and why it works as casual chic:

First of all, denim often finds its way into our weekend wardrobes due to the relaxed look and feel of days off.

You’ve worked hard for the downtime! Let’s be comfortable while we enjoy it.

While dark + tailored structures offer a more classic look, owning a variety of denim will help you shift through different seasons and days of the week. Colored denim is a lovely way to wear the comfortable material and show pizazz. The grey shown here is a terrific neutral.

Here we see a look not always ease to pull off: the boyfriend jean.

Easiest way to think of them? They look and feel like a pair of jeans a woman would borrow from her boyfriend.

A little oversized.

The opposite of the skinny jean. .Boyfriend jeans have a fairly relaxed fit with straight legs and aren’t tapered nor do they hug your body.

Rolled cuffs are in style and work well with skinny jeans as well as boyfriend jeans. Here we see a wide cuff which pairs well with the ever-popular bootie. The shoe truly clenches this outfit as chic. The bootie gives a feminine touch and is the perfect place to incorporate color, pattern, and fabric. The leopard print shown here offsets the otherwise solid tones of the ensemble.

The oversized top and longer duster style jacket stay roomy yet are not overbearing in shape.

Remember, oversized does not mean to buy three sizes larger than your normal wear. Oversized means the actual cut and shape of the fabric; the opposite of form fitting.

Notice the top’s length showing longer on the sides. This creates visual interest and pairs perfectly with the duster style jacket.

Let’s look next at the accessories. The scarf is fabulous with her hair inside. The aviator glasses are a classic go-to. The bracelet set adds another feminine touch yet is not overpowering.

Don’t underestimate accessories!
Without these three, this outfit would not be chic. Small touches truly can pull together a look.

Remember the key to casual chic when using oversized pieces is to allow a variety of shapes, in our proper sizes, to create visual interest when pulled together.

In other words? Don’t become swallowed in our clothes.

Think of accessories as the difference in just signing your name to a letter with a closing as opposed to one without. The receiver will still know it was you, but the closing seals the words you wrote with a complete package.