Once the work week is over women want to kick off their heels and slip into something more comfortable.  Comfort does not mean that style has to be sacrificed!

Weekend wear should not consist of sweatpants and baggy t-shirts. Have your own casual style that sets you apart while still allowing you to be comfortable.

No matter what you’re doing on the weekend, you should make your weekend-wear an accurate representation of who you are as an individual. Continue your confidence through your days off.

Remember your casual style should be a reflection of your personality. If you dress frumpy, even if it’s the weekend, you may not be putting out the image you wish to convey. Sloppiness lends itself to others concluding you don’t care about your appearance. Weekend-wear should be chosen with the same diligence as the clothes worn during the weekdays.

Try pairing a straight leg blue jean with a colorful blouse, a set of bracelets, and hoop earrings and either ballet flats or pumps. In the fall months, wear a straight leg jean with a light weight long sleeve shirt, accompanied by a scarf. V-neck shirts are flattering on most people and elongate the neckline. You can top the shirt with a vest for an added layer. In the winter months, wear a cable knit sweater or a duster sweater coat over a crisp button down. Remember to have fun and play with patterns!

Do you have a bold personality? Let it show through your outfit. Start with a boot cut jeans and pair with an eye-catching pattern or color for your blouse. Another option is to try a seasonal colored cardigan, like mustard yellow, paired with a t-shirt and scarf.

Jo-Lynne Shane

Photo source: Jo-Lynne Shane

Do you wear heels all week and want to slip out of them for the weekend? Give your feet a break with a cute and comfortable pair of ballet flats. A stylish pair of riding boots will also work to pull the ensemble together while not sacrificing style. Feel the opposite about shoewear and enjoy wearing pumps on the weekend? They pair great with jeans! Style tip: a darker wash denim will be more versatile for your wardrobe and adapt to fit a more casual style. While you can dress up or dress down a dark rinse, it’s difficult to dress up your faded blues.

Women are and always will be judged for what they wear. Your confidence should stay as elevated on the weekend as it is Monday – Friday. No matter what you’re wearing. Your casual style is as much a reflection of you as your office wear.

Accessories can often help to take a weekend outfit to the next level. Scarves and hats do not require a lot of fuss. They make you appear that you’ve spent much more time getting ready to go out than you really have. As a bonus, if you put your hair up in a stylish hat or a loose bun, you don’t have to spend as much time on your hair. Oscar Blandi showcases several hair how-tos on their Pinterest “Weekend Hair” board:

In the end, your weekend wear should be stylish. When you dress better, you’ll feel better. Allow your casual style to enhance, not take away from, the beautiful woman you are.