A woman who is put together well from her head to her toes is a woman who exudes confidence — and certainly, the same can be said for a man as well! And what better time is there to give your wardrobe—and you—a boost than on Black Friday?

When you’re out shopping this Black Friday, be sure to pick up the five classic confidence-building items below for your closet.

The Stylish Booties (Ankle Boots)

Ankle boots can really revitalize a look, are more comfortable than most pumps, and they’re incredibly versatile, too. They can pair well with casual and dressy skirts, form-fitting jeans, leggings, jeggings, dress pants, and with shorter dresses. And, not only do they pair well with several different pieces and materials, but they can be worn in a few different ways, too. Try wearing them on the outside of leggings, jeggings or skinny jeans (with the pants tucked in) or “showcased” with the jeans rolled up. They can also look great when layered with a pair of stylish socks, nylons (when worn with skirts or dresses) or leg warmers.

The Versatile Scarf

Scarves are extremely versatile as well — they come in a ton of styles and lengths and can be worn in a lot of different ways. Scarves can be tied into a French knot to add interest to a blouse, can be worn as a wrap or shawl for a completely different look, or they can be looped once or twice to provide that extra touch of flair.

The Classic Cardigan

Cardigans are the go-to items for fall and winter, so don’t forget to grab a handful of them on Black Friday! Here are some of the different ways you can wear a classic cardigan to really amp up your overall appearance:

Cardigan on the outside with a button-down shirt underneath, and a belt over it all. Belted cardigans help create an hourglass shape and can look great with dressy skirts.

A buttoned-up cardigan with a collared dress shirt underneath. This is a style that looks great on men and women because it creates a fresh, appealing appearance, and creates interest along the neckline.

A long cardigan with a skirt. This creates a dressy and confident look.

The Must-Have Button-down Dress Shirts

Who couldn’t use more button-down dress shirts? They should be at the crux of any wardrobe — for men and women. Button-down shirts look classically wonderful worn by themselves and with other pieces. Be sure to grab a few in several different styles (i.e., without a collar and with), in several different colors, and in a few different fabrics, too. Having a good deal of choices will help you pair them with just about any pant or skirt, and layer them with just about any cardigan, blouse or sweater.

The Statement Accessory

Wearing a statement accessory doesn’t have to be clunky or outrageous — it’s really all in the way you pull it off. For men, this accessory could be a classically stylish watch, and for women, it could be a necklace that goes perfectly with a blouse or dress. Statement pieces are best worn with the more basic (i.e., one color) yet dressy outfits.

Rachel Dee: Stylist and Wardrobe Consultant in Denver

Let Rachel Dee help you pull all of your items together in a cohesive, confidence-boosting outfit. Rachel Dee has over 30 years of experience as a wardrobe consultant and stylist, and helps men and women dress for any type of situation or setting. Some of her services include helping men and women prepare for photo shoots, assessing and reviewing wardrobes, overall appearance coaching, and picking out the perfect clothing for wedding parties.