deliver my seminar

“It was such a relief to deliver my seminar without worrying about my attire. I was able to focus on presenting myself and my research well. I was congratulated for a job well done and told to expect a job offer!”

I now walk tall

“I now walk tall. The compliments I have received alone since the change have been a real boost, but how it makes me feel INSIDE is the best.”

celebrity’ for the day

“Shopping with Rachel is the closest you can get to being a ‘celebrity’ for the day! I finally have a ‘style’ and people have noticed! Who said miracles don’t happen?”

in training

“Your eye for style, your candor and your efficiency in executing your special talents work together to empower those of us ‘in training.'”

Million Bucks

“You are amazing – not only do you have impeccable style, but you also have a way of making people feel like a million bucks.”