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Distinguish yourself from the rest with great style!

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Personal Style and Image Consultant Services

You have style – it’s time to uncover it!

Feel more confident and relaxed when you look your best.

  • Dress in a style that reflects who you truly are and what you’ve accomplished!
  • Be comfortable in your clothes and look.
  • Look up-to-date, on trend and stylish.
  • Dress appropriately in all social situations.

Rachel provides personal style services and image consulting for both men and women.

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What Does it Mean to Have Great Style?

What Does it Mean to Have Great Style?

The confidence…

  • Of knowing you look your best
  • Of feeling current and comfortable
  • Of loving how you look

Have you ever …

  • Wanted to get dressed without anxiety?
  • Walked into a room feeling inappropriately dressed?
  • Not understood what to wear to a special event and panicked?
  • Stood on a stage or in a presentation and worried about your clothes?

Are you ready to uncover your style?

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Take Your Wardrobe to the Next Level

Feeling more comfortable in your skin starts with the confidence that you get when you know you look your best each day. As an image consultant and personal stylist, I help both men and women show up feeling and looking their best.

  • Do you know your best colors and styles?
  • Are your clothes tailored to fit you?
  • Are your eyeglasses and makeup up-to-date?

What are your clothes saying about you?

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Take Your Wardrobe to the Next Level

I’ve always been the person to just grab something off the rack and if it looked good on the hanger, it’d just become part of my wardrobe. Rarely did I take the time to try something on and only in the case of a suit did I ever get it tailored… and even then, I’m not sure it really ever fit. As you could probably imagine, yesterday was a bit overwhelming for me. However, you were an absolute pro. I was blown away at the process and I left very excited at what will soon be my new look.

Our Distinctive Process



This is an opportunity for me to get to know you, find out more about your lifestyle and business culture.



Edit out what’s no longer working and organize.



We create a shopping game plan designed for you based on your individual needs and budget.



I’ll pre-select clothing for you based on your goals prior to our meeting – to streamline the shopping process.



I’ll mix and match your new clothes creating an easy dressing guide that you can use daily to quickly get dressed!


Look Your Best!

Styling Services

Image Consulting

Image Consulting

  • Personal style analysis
  • Best colors & cuts
  • Current wardrobe review, edit & organization
  • Mix & match outfit photography
Occasion Styling

Lifestyle Wardrobe Consulting

  • Smart business casual style
  • Weekends and dating wardrobe
  • Dressing for photo shoots or video
  • Capsule travel clothing collections
Occasion Styling

Personal Shopping

  • Update your wardrobe
  • Curated results-oriented shopping trips
  • In-home tailoring services
Styling Services

“This is some of the best money I have ever spent.
A great big THANK YOU to you.”

Rachel Dee

Take the next step to a new improved you!

Rachel Dee, personal stylist and image consultant shows you that looking great is attainable and easy! She makes shopping satisfying and cost effective, eliminating expensive mistakes and anxiety.

Since 1990, Rachel has helped hundreds of men and women realize greater self-confidence through improved personal appearance. Headquartered in Cherry Creek, CO, she is a graduate and affiliate of the Conselle Institute of Image Management and The Body Beautiful Institute in Los Angeles.

She has extensive background in all areas of men’s and women’s fashion. She is a member of the Image Consultants International and has given scores of workshops and seminars on the power of personal and professional presence.

Contact me today and take the next step in reclaiming your style and confidence!

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